About Magik Rock

The title Magik Rock comes not from my climbing adventures but from my early surfing days. A small crew of about 6 of us were lucky enough to share the North end of Watergate Bay for the best part of 15 years with only the Oyster Catchers as a audience. It was originally named by Roger Knight, who was looking for words which might describe what was a special and revered surf spot. The name stuck and for me became a synonym for the amazing time we all shared surfing perfect waves, with no hassle and just your mates to egg you on.

I have since become disallusioned with surfing which I now find overcrowded, overhyped and overly agressive; so in climbing I have found my new Magik Rock. Despite the fantastic history of climbing in the South West, the area radiates a feeling of solitude and remoteness at many of the venues. I’ve now been climbing for 8 years and for most of this time I have shared the sea cliffs with my buddy’s and the local wildlife. It brings back many memories of my early surfing days and gives me the same buzz.

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