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Aqua Chris (aka Chris’ big wave challenge)

29th December 2016
Commando Ridge – V Diff – Alt Lead

Ok, so last year Dave backed Tom into a corner and he took the big soak when a wave crashed into the point off Commando Ridge. So this year we all obviously knew better. Except Chris, who decided to admire the massive set pushing into the bay right up to the point where it towered above him. Outdoor gear keeps you dry most of the time, but a six foot set tests it to the max.

Chris post bath

So it looks like we are establishing a tradition. Who will it be next year. My moneys on Dave…

Another boomer comes through

Well that provided the laughs for the start but this was such a good day out. Back to old skool get out and enjoy Cornwall. It was also Joe’s first venture on the ridge and he must have brought the weather gods as the predicted grey bleak day turned into sunshine and stunning vista’s in every direction.

The colours of Bosi

Something about Commando ridge always makes me feel good. I remarked that for a novice climber the ridge is the perfect outing. But even for the experienced climber this is just such good fun.


I’ve got to know the pitches fairly well now, but I still look forward to each one. Its a grand day out and one well shared with good friends.

Would you trust this belayer?

Oooh Suits you Sirs

1st January 2015

Commando Ridge – V Diff – Alt Lead

Big Ron and the boys made the most of a dreary New Years day, with an assault on Commando ridge in impeccable style… well maybe not impeccable but better that your average ridge climber.

Nice Tie

Nice Tie

Big Ron and the Boys

Big Ron and the Boys

After too many Prosecco’s at the Fish House at Fistral (amazing food by the way) the previous night we met early dressed in our finest New Years day suits. Strangely there was something actually likeable about climbing in a two piece, probably a throw back to bygone days.

Gearing up? Or already geared up.

Gearing up? Or already geared up.

We were also incredibly quick for us. Probably due to the impending rain, but we were up there in less than 2 hours. Plenty of soloing and moving together. By time I’d finished I was proper sober again, but absolutely knackered. The sleep on the way home helped!

The classic ridge.

The classic ridge.

What a great way to welcome in the new year.

Hung over selfie

Hung over selfie

The First Step

Bosigran Ridge
2nd October 2009

Commando Ridge – V Diff – Second


Yet another day out on the ridge for me and Chris and as usual lots of fun. This time it was Andy’s turn to join us for an adventure and I dont think he was diappointed.


It was fairly cool and with a reasonably strong wing you couldnt hang around too long. Andy claims I had told him ‘it was just a steep walk’ but I dont remember that. Still the descent sorted things out. Dropping down to the base of the ridge re enforces how long a route it is and for someone on there first time it adds a bit of seriousness to the whole day.


But the real awakener is when you step off the bottom ledge onto the face in a narrow zawn. Suddenly it is full on exposure, with waves booming, gulls screaching and the wind blowing. A complete assault on the senses. This is what makes it so good, because the climbing is very reasonable with nothing too tough, but it is all the collateral issues that catch people out. Andy was no exception and was no doubt pumped full of adrenaline ┬áby time he reached the top of the first pitch. I’m sure I heard the words “I’m going to get you for this Ridds” more than once.


We climbed as a leader and two seconders which was slower but worked well. We followed the main ridge climbing the knife edges which adds to the feeling of exposure but makes it more fun. Andy dealt with everything really well, obviously a natural. Including Chris’s hanging belay on the last pitch. Chris led the whole route which made things easier and clearly he enjoyed it.
We finished on the Armchair, the 4a section right at the end. Always a shock because it is harder than the rest of the route. Chris made short work of it though and so we finished on a high as usual.


The ridge never fails to deliver.