12th March to 19th March 2018

So this summary is being written at the end of a week in Leonidio. We’ll what a place. Probably the single most welcoming location I’ve ever been to. It’s as if the whole town collectively said ‘lets make everyone feel at home’ which may be a partial truth. Alexandra, our landlady at Leonidio Apartments explained that her husband approached the town council to promote climbing in the area by obtaining a European grant. With the money they bolted 250 routes and put some infrastructure in such as signs and guides.


Since then it seems Leonidio has grown from strength to strength. signs point you towards the relevant crags and local people are only too pleased to show you where to go or talk to you about your experience in Leonidio.

Red wall section of the escarpment

Its clear that this venue will grow in time. There are still plenty of crags to develop and lots of capacity in the town to take visitors. Good food also helps and the proximity of many of the crags means you don’t have to have transport.

Main Street

My real hope is that the local people can continue to develop the area while maintaining its very Greek feel. The balance is going to be tricky to find, but at the moment you get a slice of Greece which feels very ‘local’. The tourist element isnt really there yet and long may it remain so.