1st – 6th June 2014

This was our first trip to Sardinia. If I had been imagining a similar trip as the one I had to Corsica I couldnt have been more wrong. Sardinia is was different in many ways; probably the main difference  was that I was in a fantastic appartment in what was a fairly up market resort (Corsica was a bit more rustic – i.e. tent).

But it also has a different feel to it. The towns and villages are definitely more Italian and Corsica actually feels higher with its huge central mountain range. Sardinia is a little more manageable on that scale.

In June it was hot on most days, so the key was finding crags that were at least in the shade for some of the time. Mind you having the ocean nearby helped on some days. Personally, I love the heat, but I admit on occasions it makes a climb more difficult when your dripping all over the rock!

The appartment, Vista Poltrona was great. Just right for a group of 6 and well placed. You could walk into town, but it was a good tramp. bEtter to have a beer on the way home at a great little bar overlooking the harbour. Wi Fi too. All together Cala Ganone is a nice town, a bit touristy, but with a good atmosphere. A place I would definitely return to.

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