Going plastic free

So, not being very up to date on the whole plastic free movement I’m looking to do my bit. Just thinking about where to start gives me a headache. So much of our lives is dominate by waste, particularly plastic. So I want to record my journey in trying to do something and no doubt all the accompanying frustrations that go with it.

The first thing that strikes me is that ‘plastic free’ has lots of cost connotations. Many of the changes required, involve purchasing items to replace previous plastic products and they are not always as cheap. I suppose many would argue that this is a price worth paying, but of course not everyone can afford it.

So as a starting point I’m going to list some of the most obvious and commonly used products involving plastic and make a note of current price, where you can buy an alternative (or change the product entirely) and how much the alternative is.

I think the best way to do this is by Room; so kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bedroom etc. And we’ll see what can be done šŸ™‚