Day 2 – Naudanda to Hille

8th March 1987

The views in the morning of the Annapurna Range and Machapuchare were spectacular as my prolific use of film hopefully justified. As seemed to be common on the trek, the breakfast was good and so we headed for Chandrakot feeling well prepared. It soon became apparent that my pace was going to be quicker than Dave and Rachels (who additionally was feeling ill) so I pressed on, admiring the spectacular views from the ridge down into the valley below. It was an almost unworldly feeling.

Along the way I met a French Canadian called Jaques who I teamed up with, leaving Chandrakot together and descending down into Birthanthi along an incredibly slippery and precarious trail. This led us to a suspension bridge where we stopped to eat lunch and I waited for Dave and Rachel to catch up. It seemed sensible at this juncture to split for a while and meet later at Tatopani, a village further along the trail. Pressing on actually only meant  going to Hille, a stunning hill village, but at least it took a few hours off the next days walk.