Italian Dolomites

2nd September 2015 to 10th September 2015

A week in the Dolomites spent walking and taking on a variety of Via Ferrata.

Having never been to this area I ‘ll be honest and say I hadnt got a clue what to expect. My experience in the Pyrenees made me think that it would be something similar, but it turned out I was completely wrong.

We flew into Venice, because I’d read that this gave quick and easy access to the area. It’s about 3 1/2 hrs drive to Cortina ( a bit further that I had anticipated) along a toll motorway and then snaking mountain roads. We headed for Canazei as a starting point, but arriving late in the afternoon we were always up against time, especially after visiting a supermarket in Caprile where the usual Italian foodstuffs caught our eye and took up a good hour and a half.


The supermarkets in the dolomites tend to be relatively small, but well stocked and not too badly priced. We cooked on all but two nights and it was good Italian fare. Strangely its things like crisps and sweets which are dear. The supermarket in Campittelo di Fassa was a good one with lovely people serving. It makes a difference you know…


These were brilliant. We ended up at four different sites. The Romantic Village Campsite at Malga Ciapella was probably the most rustic, but had excellent facilities (dont let the name put you off). Really unique, clean and in good condition.

The Miravalle at Campitello di Fassa was in a terrific location down by the river. Nice and flat with good facilities again (if a bit a of a walk away). Best for us was that it had a little pavillion, bringing back memories of Tarascon.

Camping Dolomiti at Cortina was as expected a bit busier. The site at first looked run down, but actually again good facilities and it felt comfortable (despite a sprinkler being set up next to our pitch). Also it had internet which was a bonus. Its a bit out of town, but we liked that and with a car its no problem.

Venezia Camping Village at Venice was a transition campsite and it felt like one. Brilliant location with a short bus journey into the city, but the pitched were gravelly and small and close to each other. Also there were a few mozi’s. But terrific if you are there one night to see the sites.

Tele Cabin’s (Chairlifts)


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