Scogliera di Salinella Centro


19th May 2015

Classic Deluxe – 6a+ – Lead (with Tom)
Leguan – 6a – Lead (with Tom)
Happy Otiz – 5c+ – Lead V

Secret Garden
The Knife – 6b – Lead (with Joe)

The weather was gradually getting hotter. From the rain we had on the first night it just went summer on us. As well as the heat we went all cheesey starting to eat more a more and heading for one of those Cheese Sweat’s. We do it every trip and never learn.

Sicily_May15 (34)

The Bunker area had some great routes. Classic Deluxe is brilliant, with a real show stopper move half way. Made me hesitate as the bolt seems poorly positioned. It does though add some excitement. It’s also a lot quieter here, being a little harder to get to. (these lazy euro climbers 🙂 )

Happy Otiz

Happy Otiz

Chris made this his day for a mare. He did his best to fall of everything, trying to leave momento’s on each route. A bit of skin here, a finger there, part of a leg somewhere else. Not a good day,

Not Chris' best day at the crag!!

Not Chris’ best day at the crag!!

The result of the days activities was a dip in the bay. Tom wingeing about it being cold, but the rest of us had a laugh (Tom did eventually get in). To be honest I’m not that impressed with the beach at San Vito. It’s OK but to build a whole resort around it seems ambitious. It probably accounts for the atmosphere of the whole town. One which has high expectations which havent quite been met.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

The final event of the day was a trip to what is called the Secret Garden. It does take a bit of finding and is nestled away in a small niche. It is definitely cooler here (also has a few mozzi’s) and has some interesting shorter routes. My efforts on the 6b were finally rewarded. A shark but good climb with a proper commiting move at the crux. Great fun.