18th March 2018

The planned tourist day out to Sparta turned out to be better than expected. Despite the rain and and an initial scare with a lack of fuel ( poor foresight on our part as it was Sunday) we made it to Mythras a Byzantine Hill settlement just outside Sparta.

Mythras is very visible from the approach road, rising out of the plain, a dramatic fort perched on a rocky spire. We parked near the base at the main entrance and despite the warning from the ticket teller walked right to the top and brisk and at times steep rise which took about 40 minutes. The views are definitely worth it.

Our final meal in Leonidio was at Pizzeria, a local and tasty restaurant at the end of our lane. We were lucky enough to bump into Eric and Andreas two inspirational climbers from Oslo. These guys were training for 8b+ no less. Unbelievable !  If  I walked away from Leonidio with anything it was the belief that it was possible for me to climb 7a. I just need to train and get myself in the right condition and frame of mind. Maybe that’s a target for me for 2019. We’ll see. It’s getting started and into routine.

I was also tipped off about Norwegian trad crag called Bohuslan. Listening to Andreas it seems Norway’s definitely worth a trip. There’s via Ferrara at Romsdalsstigan and Synshorn and loads of crags. Also it seems camping is ok so you can keep the price down. By all accounts it’s the car hire that is expensive.

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