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Dead bodies and satellite dishes

1st June 2014

Geco in calore – 5+ – Lead
So no unregazzo padre – 5+ Lead
La Mula – 5+ – Lead
Ill re della Griglia – 5 – Lead
Josephine – 6a – Lead
Scamorza – 5 – Lead

This was the first crag of the trip, close to the villa and a fairly short walk from the road. Parking is limited at the head of the dirt track, but its only an additional 10mins walk from the main road.

A run down shack with a sky satellite dish adorning it marks the furthest point you can go in the car. Its surprising there’s even power up here and the stench of something a long time dead floating around in the area creates a bit of ‘the hills have eyes’ moment.

The actual crag however is a compact little gem. Perfect for warming up on with loads of routes in the 5 range. I all came flooding back, as did the scorching heat. Tom and I ripped through a load of routes culminating in a 6a with a tricky move to start.

A fun crag and easy access makes it a good warm up.

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