In 1987 I was lucky enough to take a trip to Nepal. Totally unplanned, as I had only considered India really, but my good friend Rachel convinced me that Nepal was a place of adventures and couldn’t be missed.

To say that I was naive as to what or where Nepal was is an understatement. Of course I knew that it was the home of the Himalayas, but the concept of trekking was new to me and I had no inkling of the scale of things that I would encounter. I also didn’t realise how bloody far away it was. I soon found out though… a gruelling 48 hour bus journey, on proper boneshakers, from Delhi to Kathmandu soon put that into perspective.

Luxury Transport?

My travelling companion, Debbie was probably wondering what was going on. A nice leisurely cruise around India suddenly turned into a nightmare as we did are best to get to Nepal without being eaten to death by mozzi’s, poisoned at roadside restaurants, falling into 6ft deep maggot infested writhing cesspits (which doubled as toilets) or careering off precipitous mountain roads in a bus which last saw a useful brake about 3 years earlier.

Cant see what could go wrong here.

So was it worth all this effort? Was it ever!!! 🙂