5th May 2014

The Sound Of Silence – 5b,5c,5c,5b,5a – Alt Laed Dave/Tom

We had spent most of our time on or near to the coast, so todays venture into the ‘interior’ was a bit different. I have to say that the guide book doesnt make it easy to find either. The worst part is orientating yourself so that you know which side of the valley the main face is on. I got it horribly wrong so we spent a good while trawling up and down the tracks just to get our bearings.

The view down the vally at Surtana

The view down the vally at Surtana

Fortunately a couple of climbers kindly showed us to the correct area where we encountered another group of climbers who proceeded to push in front of us. They just had to be German (not strictly true. The guide was German and a typical ‘dick’ but his two clients were French and seemed uncomfortable with his rudeness). Anyway, it took the pressure off us to have to climb quickly, so it wasnt all bad.

Sound of Silence is a great route. Two fairly committing opening pitches lead into a third one which is steep and amazing, even if we did stray onto the 6b for a little section. Dave finished it off with two more good sections to complete what was a dramatic and really satisfying route.

I think this day in particular stood out for the sheer dramatic scenary. A huge valley with a thick canopy of trees below makes for a some splendid views and it was silent here, with just the noise of the birds to keep you company. Fantastic.