16th to 22nd May 2015

San Vito Lo Capo

The decision to go to Sicily was a strange one really. Tom and I had been climbing Sensible Shoes, an HS at Robins Rocks when we bumped into a couple of climbers. To be honest they were a bit rube and grumpy, but we ended up chatting to them for a while. They mentioned Sicily as a good venue and one which is not too busy, so always keen on checking out new lands I sorted some flights to Palermo and booked accommodation with Rosario Stinco on via Ricigliano.

So was it as good as Sardinia which had set the standard. To be fair, no it probably wasnt, but it is a little unfair to compare them like for like. Sicily is an old well established island with lots of heavy industry and high population centres. Sardinia is far less populated and altogether more rugged and impenetrable. But I really enjoyed San Vito nevertheless and would recommed it to anyone who wants an area with a high concentration of climbing in a small area.

Add to this the friendliness of the people and you have a great destination. The apartment we rented was excellent too. Well equipped with parking ( a must for San Vito where you pay everywhere) and close enough to town to walk in and grad a drink and something to eat. Lots of restaurants, but not so many bars. It took us a while to find our ‘end of the day bar’ but once found it turned out to be great with ever increasing amounts of snacks being provided each time we visited. The bar was really just an awning out on the street, but at the end of a tough hot day it was just what was needed.

Driving was an eye opener. They’re a bit more manic here and the roads are definitely busier. We didnt really need to go far on most days, but we did have a trip out to Erice a hill top village which was amazing. One because the temperature dropped so much because of the height, but also because of the views back across to San Vito Lo Capo and also down o the large town of Trapani.

We got a few swims in (discovering that Chris cant throw and Tom hates cold water – it wasnt cold, just cooling 🙂 ) although the beaches are OK but not great. The water was clear though in that ‘only to be found in the med’ way.

I think we all left Sicily having enjoyed the country. The final day visiting the ruins was a highlight for Chris and I at Segesta. It makes you realise that there is probably a lot more to be seen and explored and I think its somewhere I want to return to, even if its not for climbing.