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18th September 2019

Via Ferrata Tomaselli

So this was to be a redemption of sorts. Lets get it right this time courtesy of ‘Rockfax’. So after spending the evening studying the correct way to get on Tomaselli we manufactured a brilliant day out.

Now thats high!

Tomaselli was on a different level to the other VF’s we’d done so far. High altitude, steep with huge exposure. Yee Ha! It was great. I think for Tony and Pete this put everything in its place. From the beginning it is difficult. The walk in is on an exposed path leading up to a plateau. From here it just opens out. A short traverse leads to an airy nose and then it just heads up with Lagusoi valley opening up below. The people are tiny, as I tried to explain to a worried looking Pete. Who promptly told me to F~#k off! Nice.

The gang just before the main stuff on TOMASELLI

The steepness is maintained right to a wild airy slab at the end. Pete’s slightly unsteady hand in my video gave an indication of how much fun he was having; or not. Joking aside, these routes have an air of seriousness to them. You’re at high altitude and escape is always problematic if the weather closes in. Not that we had that problem. But that’s why they are worth doing. To complete a Tomaselli is a real feather in your cap. No pain no gain as they say.

Top of Tomaselli

So how do you find Tomaselli? Now there’s the rub! There’s two routes to the start. The first drops down the main valley to the left of the massive spine of Lagazuoi. The gulley looks impentrable, but a path angles across it and then switch backs up to the platform. Or… you can go around to the other side by bearing right at the signs in the dip and come up from there. Our way down the valley side had some quite exposed traverses with no cables, but not dangerous. Just scary.

Interestingly, Tomaselli has a downwards via ferrata to come off. I think some people used this to come up. It is probably easier, but I wouldn’t want to descend the main route and the ascent of the scree before you hit the wire to gain this section of VF would have been tortuous. One its against the traffic and two its probably not as enjoyable.

Weary after Tomaselli which stands as the main pillar behind Pete

The walk back to the gondola this time was a lot more enjoyable and we got to cap it off with a beer at the cafe by the station. Pete didn’t get his cake, but hey, we’d just done Tomaselli! What more do you want? We descended by the Lagazuoi tunnels, which were just as long as I remembered but offer a great chance to understand a bit more about why the ferratas are there. You cant help but wonder how it really was for the brave souls who saw action in these claustrophobic rat runs.

And we finished with Pizza, so not a bad day really.

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